Nacho Frades

I was born in Madrid on 07/05/1967.

I started to draw as other childrens but very soon, but I felt different, for me the drawing was my world, the outside world was other thing tedious and insignificant. I started to paint with oils at the age of 10, doing a course in a book. And the feel and smell of oils was absolutely magical. I still remember the feelings when I finished my first oil. 

When I was 12, I went alone to the Museo del Prado, and I felt a feeling hard to describe, it was my first absolute sexual experience. The works more impressed me was the Goya’s, that faces plenty of mystery, that painting,  I was able to feel and smell what was inside the work, specially in the work “El Verano”.

Goya, el Verano

 When I went home I instantly began to paint a little dog in the Goya style, it was not bad. Later I was a continuous visitant of every kind of museums in Madrid. I began to work in the “Circulo de Bellas Artes” of Madrid, painting all day, every day, especially nudes, but when I was in home I was also painting and drawing, I began to know many painters, like Edward Hopper, David Hockney, Monet, Picasso, De Chirico, and many others. later I began to do “Arts and Crafts”, also modeling with clay, but sculpting I was very bad. In 1987 I saw for the first time that it was possible to paint in a computer, I was fascinated, I painted many landscapes pixel to pixel and with absolutely primitive tools. Later I went to live in the south of Spain, and I did a Master with Antonio López, and Jose Caballero. My main activity has been always to paint. In 2005 I needed money for my family so I started to work as a digital artists in a Computer Animation studio, where I done two films, in this job I started to paint digitally as a job. In 2010 I went to my house, and began to paint only, and that is what I do now. I work hard, until today I have done more than 500 artworks.


First Computer Drawing

First Computer Drawing

Now I paint in the computer and print my work in Giclée.

My CV includes:

  • Atrium Academy (Especially learning charcoal)
  • Madrid Fine Arts Circle (Círculo de Bellas Artes, CBO).
  • Arts & Cratfs Degree
  • Master in Fine Arts (Complutense University Madrid)
  • Master with José Caballero
  • Master with Antonio López
  • Affordable Art London 2002
  • Brian Walker Gallery Chicago 2001
  • Perdurabo Art Gallery London 2005
  • ADA  Almería, Digital Painters, 2007
  • Maldelosnervios, Cádiz, Spain 2017
  • Now I paint for Digital Frames, as Meural, Private collectors and Art Consultants an also I’m giving painting classes to people with mental diseases as a therapy.

I have been in some art shows, as Affordable Art London, but I haven’t been very interested in art shows, fairs, and brick and mortar galleries, instead of this I show my work on internet. Now I am collaborating with Saatchi, and Meural Galleries, that shows my work and manage my online sells.

My work is mainly digital painting.

I am also exploring the possibilities of a new technique based in videogame engines to create stereoscopic and  navigable immersive environments based in my paintings. So with a virtual glasses you will be able to “enter” in the paintings and “walk” into the scenes. It’s a very time-consuming activity and very complex, but I think the results are going to be great!

My work is in private collections, of United States, United Kingdom,  Spain, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Poland, France, Caribbean and others.